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INTRO: IGNITE CONFERENCE | February 7-8, 2014 

Ignite 2014 is a discipleship conference that shares principles and best practices of discipleship, founded on Jesus Christ's model of making disciples who make disciples. 

Jesus' command is clear - Go and make disciples. But what is a disciple and how do we become one ourselves? How are we to make them? And how are we to multiply disciple-making churches?  Founded on the process of disciple-making that Jesus taught and modeled, Ignite 2014 will teach how He turned fisherman and tax collectors into some of the most influential men ever to live by sharing a number of best practices used by leaders and churches the world over. This practical, biblical approach will allow attendees in their own lives and their church’s to ignite disciple-making movements that move people from lost-ness to be truly multiplying, productive disciple-makers who are ready to follow up and train others.


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Sessions for First Colleyville Members: Friday evening and all day Saturday - please see church-wide communications for updated rates.

Pre Conference
Friday 1-4:30 pm
Early Registration
On or Before 1/24/14
Regular Registration
After 1/24/14
Seminary Students
All Sessions
Group Rates
Per Person
Pre Conference Track on Friday
from 1-4:30 pm
For Friday evening and all day Saturday
For Friday evening and all day Saturday
For any combination of sessions
For 5 or more people. $10 for preconference.

From pastors and other 2013 attendees

Chris Shirley

Our church recently engaged in an envisioning process. One of the outcomes of this process was a clear, biblical mission to make, mature, and multiply followers of Jesus.
Tate Strings Baptist Church

Pastor William Rainey

I have shelves full of books about discipleship. I have a Masters degree in discipleship. As a church-planting missionary in Europe, I was able to plant the fastest growing church in Scotland--and one of the largest--because of discipleship.
Glen Meadows Baptist Church

Richard Towery

My wife and I have been to both the 2012 and 2013 Ignite Conferences. The 2013 Conference was incredible. Ignite has changed my vision a great deal concerning what I view a true disciple to be.  
South Mac Church of Christ

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