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February 20-21, 2015 | Register Now!
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INTRO: IGNITE Discipleship CONFERENCE | February 20-21, 2015 

Questions about discipleship are good. They are healthy.

When we ask ourselves questions it helps us evaluate our lives. It helps us make an assessment of how well we are accomplishing our purpose and mission in life. Everyone should regularly ask themselves questions for evaluation. The key, as you might imagine, is asking the right questions about Discipleship!

Find out the answer to three important questions worth asking.

Am I living my life as an authentic disciple of Jesus Christ? Are my church members?
Am I and members in my church leading others to become disciples of Jesus Christ?
Am I leveraging my influence to ignite a movement of multiplying disciples?  Is my church?

Join us at Ignite 2015 to be encouraged and challenged to live out Jesus Christ's model of discipleship.


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Sessions for First Colleyville Members: Friday evening and all day Saturday - please see church-wide communications for updated rates.

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Friday 9-4:30 pm
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Pre Conference Track on Friday
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For Friday evening and all day Saturday
For Friday evening and all day Saturday
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For 5 or more people. $10 for preconference.


Chris Shirley

Our church recently engaged in an envisioning process. One of the outcomes of this process was a clear, biblical mission to make, mature, and multiply followers of Jesus.
Tate Strings Baptist Church

Pastor William Rainey

I have shelves full of books about discipleship. I have a Masters degree in discipleship. As a church-planting missionary in Europe, I was able to plant the fastest growing church in Scotland--and one of the largest--because of discipleship.
Glen Meadows Baptist Church

Richard Towery

My wife and I have been to several Ignite Conferences and they’ve been incredible. Ignite has changed my vision a great deal concerning what I view a true disciple to be.  
South Mac Church of Christ

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